Shadowdb's privacy and security features:

- User has five options for who can access level for their data:

  1. Content is unaccessable for everyone except the user him/herself
  2. Content is accessable only for selected receiver or friends (e.g. private messages are visible only between the sender and receiver)
  3. Content is available only inside an user selected group. Groups can be invisible (invite only) so this is a good way to share info between a private party.
  4. Content is available for every Shadowdb user who are signed in.
  5. Content is fully public and may be indexed by search engines etc. This is the best choice for content, which doesn't require privacy. The content will be available for anyone.

- User can create any content and share it in groups, pages, blogs, message boards, bookmarks, etc

- User data logging is disabled. No IP addresses are recorded.

- Caution: No SSL encryption