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You can navigate through the help pages on the right side.

Most things can be found on the top bar at the top of the page: Profile, Friends, Messaging (the envelope icon), Dashboard, Settings and Log Out. These links are only available after you have been logged in.

The Toolbar is under the awesome Shadowsome logo. The tools are (Activity, Groups, Bookmarks, Topics, etc), and Help.

There is an Elgg chat toolbar in the bottom, which can be expanded / viewed by clicking its icon (>>) in the lower left corner.

Create my profile

Click PROFILE on the top bar to see all of your profile fields: Custom text field (feel free to write anything here), Brief description of yourself,  Keywords (tags), homepage and E-mail.  To edit there is an "Edit details" button. Any field (except display name) may be left blank.

Edit settings

Select SETTINGS on the top bar to edit all of your settings. The Notifications is an important setting if you use a working email. The notifications are default off but if you want notifications to come into your email (for example if somebody sends a friend request) then check the "Receive notifications when actions are performed on your content" box.