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11- Aleph

Path 11

Aleph is the path transforming Kether's raw outpouring of energy to its perfect manifestation in Chokmah. It is related to the Element of Air, and is sometimes described as a life-breath coresponding to e.g. the life-breath in Genesis.

In pathworking, Aleph leads the magician from the wise and perfect balance of opposites in Chokmah into their origin from a stage of unity with divine energy as such.

The tarot trump connected to the path, the Fool, is numbered zero. Being the path constituting the Pillar of Mercy, Aleph signals a starting point of complete openness, a readyness to embrace all dimensions of life the way they are coexisting harmoniously in Chokmah.

It is an extremely fertile condition of divine humour or madness, balancing on the knife-edge between pure and embedded being and perfect consciousness. Like a silent moment at dawn.
 - Copenhagen qabalah

  • Hebrew name: א (Ox) (ALP)
  • Value: 1
  • Type of letter: Maternal. Stage of Unfoldment: Wholeness
  • The Elements and Senses: Air and Smell
  • Alchemical Elements: Mercury
  • Animals: Eagle, Man (Cherub of Air) [Ox]
  • Plants: Aspen
  • Drugs: Peppermint
  • The Human Body: Respiratory Organs
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Eleventh Path is the Scintilating Intelligence, because it is the essence of that curtain which is placed close to the order of the disposition, and this has a special dignity given to it that it may be able to stand before the Face of the Cause of Causes."
Tarot Trump 0. The Fool. The Spirit of Aether. The holy spirit.
Virtue / Vice: Original, fearless/Impractical. Astrology: Element of Air. Uranus.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Wholeness Expressive Stimulating Energetic
Colours Bright pale yellow Sky blue Blue emerald green Emerald, flecked gold
Tarot affirmation 1: "There are unlimited possibilities and opportunities before me. I know I am protected, accepted, and secure, as I venture out into the unknown."
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am the Fool, fresh and fearless".
Magical symbols Dagger. Fan. Stick.
Body Left eye. Left ear. Pituitary. Hearing. Balance. Seeing. Optical defects. Ear disorders.
Mythology Horus the Child / Heru-p-khart / Harpocrates (finger in his mouth) = the Child God / God of Silence / God of Beginnings / God of the Sun at its Dawning ­ on this path he is the son of Isis/Osiris yet to be born! (Kether's Godname: Eheieh=I will be).
Other symbols Clown. Jester. Fool. Melissa. Hyssop. Eyebright. Daisy. Spruce. Tiger. Sylph. E Natural.
    • Neither

      "Aleph: A point or state where an infinite amount of internal information is stored and processed" - Mitchell Porter