Trigrammaton Qabalah

Base 3 is the foundation for the mathematical mysticism of the New Aeon

Trigram 22


Then were the waters gathered together from the heaven,

The Trigram 22 symbolizes the planet Juppiter. It's letter is V. The tarot card is The Universe.

Commentary from R. L. Gillis' The Book of Mutations:

This trigram is attributed to the planet  Juppiter, and the Universe trump of the tarot. In I Ching this trigram is called the Joyous, and its natural image is the Lake. Joy is a typical characteristic of Juppiter, whence we derive the word "jovial". The Lake is the vessel that collects the waters from the heaven, just as Zeus was the "cloud-gatherer". The upper line of this trigram represents the waters, relating it to the 18 trigram, which also has Yin above. There, the Woman veils the Upper Heaven; she is Nuit as the womb of space.

Being attributed to the Universe trump, the 22 trigram  symbolizes the entire sequence of the 22 traditional Major Arcana of the tarot, and their corresponding Hebrew letters. This number plays a large role in the Western magical consciousness, and it is here linked to a concept of inclusive expansion. The tarot is a map of the cosmos, different for each  observer,  but in effect the totality of the universe  available to that observer. This concept can be summed up in the Universe trump, the last of the Major Arcana.

One unusual feature of the 22 trigram is that it, and its opposite the 17 trigram, differ by 5. This makes a great leap in the sequence of differences between the opposite hexagrams. The first four difference-values  (1-4)  involve the first eight single-digit numbers, (1-8). For the next step, the difference by 5 is between 17 & 22. This leap is all the more curious because the sum of 17 & 22 is 39, their difference is 5, and their product (17 x 22), is 374. 39 + 5 + 374 = 418.

Also curious is that the 22 trigram seems out of place here; in every other case the smaller number of the two antigrams appears first,  but in  this case 22 comes before 17. The algorithm that determines the sequence of the trigrams in the book is here broken, for some inexplicable reason. One would expect that an arcanum is thereby hidden.

Crowley attributes the letter V to this trigram, indicating "Conscious male will. Manhood, strength, truth, righteousness, immortality, integrity" (in Commentaries on the Holy Books).  While undoubtedly influenced by his ideas about the Hebrew letter Vav, his comments also apply to the sefira Hesed on the Tree of Life, to which he  attributes this trigram.  Since Hesed is also the planetary sphere of Juppiter, those associations are also absorbed in this trigram.

A word about the spelling of "Juppiter", with two Ps. This is used throughout this work for two reasons. For one, this is the original spelling, (although the Romans had no letter J, so I was used). Also, when Juppiter is spelled this way, the sum of the names of the seven classic planets is 558, which is 6 x 93. There are 558 neutrons in the most stable isotopes of the seven metals associated with the seven planets in alchemy.