Trigrammaton Qabalah

Base 3 is the foundation for the mathematical mysticism of the New Aeon

Trigram 7




Against him the Brothers of the Left-hand Path, confusing the symbols. They concealed their horror [in this symbol]; for in truth they were


The trigram 7 is a confusing one. The delusional twin brothers have placed Yin (the divided line) amongst humans and buried Yang into the mundane concreteness. There was an attempt to cover up the disturbing imbalance by claiming that Tao has been placed into the heaven to guide them even though the psychotic brothers have placed themselves above the Tao [in trigram 21] by imagining that they have transcended it. 

The trigram 7 represents the dual nature of the super-ego. The super-ego can torment the ego with guilt or make even the most horrible deeds feel righteous. People with a weak ego confuse it's voice as a high authority. 

The trigram 7 symbolizes the Gemini zodiac. It's letter is J. The tarot for the trigram 7 is justice

The meaning of the "for in truth they were [M21]" line is apparent when we check the tarot card correspondences for:
 - Trigram 7: Judges (the delusional twin brothers)
 - It's antigram, trigram 5: The Hanged Man, Virgo
 - and it's reverse: Hermit, Aquarius
This clearly spells out:
judges of the hanged man are hermits
J7, A5, M21

The reverse trigram of trigram 7 is S15. It's antigram is M21. Taken literally it means:
 'Unreasonable judgement' [reverse J7] 'drives'  'The Hermit' out of concealmentAquarius floods the land and blind justice reigns.

In Aquarius [M21], delusion is accepted as truth and justice is dealt. "The sign of Aquarius stems from the Tale of the Deucalion Flood. In this tale, Zeus pours all the waters of the heavens onto earth to wash away all the evil beings". 

Aquarius was also the reverse trigram for the previous trigram, A5 Virgo (The Hanged Man), who is again the antigram of J7. Number 7 is traditionally associated with the Virgo

The Virgin is hanging in reverse, in content
The Delusional Twins judge if innocent or guilty, reverse is Taurus
The un-reversed Virgin is Aquarius, the opposite of Taurus
Fire Hermit

Water+ evaporates into air through Taurus: Super-ego blames/justifies the sentimental ego
Water is much heavier than air. The moister the air is, the cooler it is, which makes the air particles less active (atoms are more static and the air waves aren't as erratic when it's cold).  The air doesn't mind the moisture but the moisture can change the weather. Feeling based judgement.


Commentary from R. L. Gillis' The Book of Mutations:

This trigram has the value of 7, and is attributed to Gemini, the Twins. The word Brothers equals 98, and is related to the Brothers/Lovers tarot trump attributed to Gemini in Crowley‘s Thoth Tarot. 98 = 2 x 7 x 7, which correlates with the value of the trigram and the concept of the trump.

The "confusing" of the symbols is actually the reversal of the Yang and Yin lines into less-balanced positions,  compared  to  their  previous  appearance in the 5 trigram. Symbolically the Brothers confused the symbols, putting them in unbalanced order, and in so doing they revealed themselves to be opposite the Magister Templi, whose trigram is the antigram of this one.  

The previous verse has 93 letters, while this verse contains 111 letters, (Left-hand path = 111). The 93 trigram is the reversal of the 111 trigram, just as the Yang and Yin lines are reversed between these two trigrams, 5 and 7.

The "Brothers of the Left-hand Path" are antithetical to the Master of the Temple in another way. As previously noted, the Master is one who has crossed the abyss, while a 'Black Brother' is one who has come to the ordeal of the abyss and refused to continue. The "Brothers of the Left-hand Path" are further identified as the "Black Brothers" in the verse accompanying the 21/Aquarius trigram, which appears here at the end of the verse as a forewarning of the real nature of the Brothers.

The 21 trigram is shown here in smaller size, and is clearly not intended as part of the regular sequence, since there are only 27 trigrams, (as indicated by the number of this book). Nevertheless, it is interesting that if the value of this "extra" glyph, 21, is added to the sum of the 27 trigrams, (which is 351), the total is 372, which is 4 x 93. This verse is the  first  appearance  of  the  word  "concealed", whose TEG value is 93 and "concealed" appears four times in the text of Liber Trigrammaton.

The number 7 has a great mythology that has arisen around it. In part this is because 7 is the only  number from 1 to 10 that cannot equally subdivide a circle; the answer is an irrational number. All other  numbers of the Decad can divide a circle, and polygons with the appropriate number of sides can be drawn with  a  compass and straightedge. But the number 7 eludes this  process, and for this reason it was known in antiquity as 'the Virgin'. But in the TQ the sign of the Virgin in the Zodiac is attributed to the 5 trigram, which is the antigram of the 7. In this is an arcanum concealed.