Trigrammaton Qabalah

Base 3 is the foundation for the mathematical mysticism of the New Aeon

Trigram 4


Now then a giant arose, of terrible strength; and asserted the Spirit in a secret rite.

The Trigram 4 is the "Giant of terrible strength". Four represents countless of things. On of the things is the four elements out of which the fifth element is hidden.

The trigram 4 symbolizes the Sagittarius zodiac. The letter for it is P.

Commentary from R. L. Gillis' The Book of Mutations:

The giant that arises is the number 4, and this number is of terrible strength indeed, for it is the four elements, the four directions, the four dimensions, the four letters of the ineffable name, and the four sides of the pyramid. And the Spirit it asserts is hidden within it, the Quintessence, the fifth who is invisible. Likewise did the ancient Chinese create a square  diagram  of  the  universe  and  place  their  Moving  Agent  of  Earth  (Spirit)  in  the middle of it.

Here  begins  the  sequence  of  Zodiac  signs,  the  description  of  the  vectors  of  the octahedron, the filling in of the gaps between the initial six trigram-vertexes. Prior to this, Yin  and  Yang  could  only  act  separately.  Now  one  of  the  Tao  lines  has  disappeared, allowing the occupation of the two bottom lines of a trigram.

By having only two lines occupied, the next four trigrams are correlated with the "Four Emblems" of I Ching. These Emblems are the four bigrams, the figures made up of two lines each known as Old Yang, Young Yang, Old Yin, and Young Yin. The bigrams represent  four  of  the  five  Chinese  "Moving  Agents",  namely  Fire,  Water,  Wood  and Metal. Western occultism generally recognizes their equivalence with Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The elemental nature of the four Mutable Zodiac signs, which are attributed to the first four trigrams of this group, is in complete accord with the Chinese "Moving Agents".

Thus  Sagittarius,  the  Mutable  sign  of  Fire,  contains  a  Tao  over  the  "Old  Yang" bigram of two Yang lines, which represents the element of Fire. Complementing this is Pisces, the Mutable Water sign, with a Tao over the "Old Yin" bigram of two Yin lines, which is attributed to Water.

The "Young Yin" bigram of a Yang over a Yin is attributed to the Moving Agent of Metal, which is equivalent to  Earth,  and  this  bigram  appears  under  the  Tao  in  the trigram for the Earth sign Virgo. Finally, the "Young Yang" bigram representing Wood, or Air, appears under the Tao in the trigram for the Air sign Gemini.

The fifth Moving Agent of the Chinese system is Earth, which correlates with the Western Element of Spirit. This agent does not get a  bigram in the  Chinese system, but with the use of the Tao in the TQ, the bigram of Spirit can be seen in the two lower Tao lines of the zero trigram. One explanation for this lack of a bigram symbol for Spirit/Earth in I Ching is that Spirit is the element that informs all the others, and is thus inherent in each of them. This attitude is in complete accordance with TQ; Spirit is in the center of the octahedron matrix, mediating all the quarters. This act of mediation is referred to in this verse by the appearance of the word Spirit as it relates to the 4 trigram.

The 4 trigram is the first in the series of twelve symbolizing the World of Yetzirah, the World of Formation, where something originates from something else.