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  • Models of Realities

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    It has proved effective to view Models of Realities of the following categories: Reality Irreality Hyperreality Simulacrum
  • Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge

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    Data is raw, unorganized facts that need to be processed. Data can be something simple and seemingly random and useless until it is organized. When data is processed, organized, structured or presented in a given context so as to make it useful, it...
  • Hypnagogic States

    Last updated by Neither Comments (2)
    The Hypnagigic State is a altered state of focused relaxation. It can be called self-hypnosis, magical trance, deep meditation, gnosis etc. Usually the brain waves are firing on alpha waves or theta-gamma waves. The Hypnagogic State is the...
  • Models of Magic

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    Models of Magic by Frater U.'.D.'. In the course of exploring the possibilities of new, more efficient techniques of magic I was struck by the fact that a structuralist view of the history of magic to date might prove helpful. After all,...
  • Mental exhaustion (gnosis)

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    Spare's system makes use of a state of mental vacuity he called Exhaustion. It is called gnosis in chaos magic circles. This is a state in which dualities are annihilated and consciousness enters an undifferentiated state which is not conceptual,...
  • Sigils

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    The sigil method Spare describes in The Book of Pleasure (self-love): The Psychology of Ecstasy, is extremely popular among practising magicians these days. We start with a statement of a desire and bring it to fulfilllment in three steps: First you...
  • Alphabet of desire

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    Spare's basic innovation was to create a system of magick whose symbolism was not traditional, but personal. This completely revolutionized the occult and along with the influence of Discordianism, made chaos magick possible. In Spare's system,...
  • Kia

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    'Kia' is the formless Ultimate Reality, another word for Tao or Brahmin or Buddha-nature. The inbetweeness where True Will is located. As Peter Carroll points out, Kia is that which makes life meaningful. If you can understand how all...
  • Zos

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    'Zos', in Spare's terminology, is (among other things) the creative power of the magician, the imagination.
  • The Moon

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    The Moon is large enough for its gravity to affect the Earth, stabilizing its orbit and producing the regular ebb and flow of the tides. The lunar day syncs up with its orbit around Earth in such a manner that the same side of the Moon always faces...
  • Sun

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    The Sun is the star at the center of our solar system, around which the Earth and other planets revolve and provides us with heat and light. The arc that the Sun travels in every year, rising and setting in a slightly different place each day, is...