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A highly personal system that focuses on one's individual universe and the influence of his will on it
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Zos Kia Cultus is a form, style, or school of magic developed by Austin Osman Spare. It is is widely considered an important influence on the development of western occultism in general, and the rise of chaos magic in particular. 

Austin Osman Spare was a magician, a mystic, an artist who was once called the most skilled draughtsman in Britain and a proto-surrealist. Whereas Aleister Crowley drew on venerable and respectable traditions like yoga, qabalah and hermeticism, Spare claimed to be trained in the traditions of witchcraft. 

'Zos', in Spare's terminology, is (among other things) the creative power of the magician, the imagination.
'Kia' is the formless Ultimate Reality, another word for Tao or Brahmin or Buddha-nature. It is also the Will.

Brief description: A highly personal system that focuses on one's individual universe and the influence of his will on it
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      Neither uploaded the file A Book of Satyrs (AOS, 1907)
      A Book of Satyrs consists of a series of nine satirical images lampooning such institutions as politics and the clergy.
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        Neither uploaded the file Earth Inferno (AOS, 1905)
        Earth Inferno is the first book by the English artist and magician Austin Osman Spare. The book was published in 1905 when he was 18. Earth Inferno introduces the reader for the first time to Spare's fundamental concepts such as Kia, Ikkah and...
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          From: sinister@minn.net Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos Subject: Virginia Beach's Santa Claus meets KOS Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 00:39:28 -0600   Many of you had questions about Austin O. and the Zos Kia Cultus... and while I am by no means an...
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            Neither created a page Death Posture
            Spare describes at least two other techniques for entering a state of gnosis, both of which are called the death posture. Blackout death posture One method is to stand on tiptoes, with your arms locked together behind your back, your back and body...
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                Neither created a page Neither-Neither
                One way to enter a state of Exhaustion is to pick a duality - like between how things are and how you wish them to be. Now think about how things are and enter into the feeling of this conception. Now think about what you desire things to be...
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                  Neither created a page Mental exhaustion (gnosis)
                  Spare's system makes use of a state of mental vacuity he called Exhaustion. It is called gnosis in chaos magic circles. This is a state in which dualities are annihilated and consciousness enters an undifferentiated state which is not conceptual,...
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                    Neither created a page Sigils
                    The sigil method Spare describes in The Book of Pleasure (self-love): The Psychology of Ecstasy, is extremely popular among practising magicians these days. We start with a statement of a desire and bring it to fulfilllment in three steps: First you...
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                      Neither created a page Alphabet of desire
                      Spare's basic innovation was to create a system of magick whose symbolism was not traditional, but personal. This completely revolutionized the occult and along with the influence of Discordianism, made chaos magick possible. In Spare's system,...