The twelve signs

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The zodiac is a circle of twelve 30° divisions. These twelve divisions are called signs.

Brief description: The twelve signs

The Twelve Zodiacs

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      Cancer for a sense of Roots Pisces for the influence of Inspiration Virgo for the ability to Organize Sagittarius for seeing the Big Picture Libra for Balance in all things Without a home, there is no place to study Without inspiration, we...
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        Zodical element Fire Zodical quality Cardinal "The origin of Aries stems from the tale of the Golden Ram. In a plot to trap the centaur Ixion, Hera created a woman looking nearly identical to herself out of a cloud and named her...
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            Zodical element Earth Zodical quality Fixed "The sign of Taurus stems from the Tale of Europa and the Bull. This is a tale of one of Zeus' many affairs. Zeus was extremely attracted to Europa and yearned for her affection. Zeus then...
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