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Sub-Group of Drugs

Diphenidine and 2-Meo-Diphenidine (MXP)

After several rip-off dissociatives, which came after the MXE craze, there is finally two interesting products on the gray markets.

Diphenidine is related to the infamous MK-801 (i.e. homeomorph of MK-801). MK-801 is The Dissociative that was used in several MK-Ultra experiments with dire results. However Diphenidine is reported to be much more user friendly even though it is impossible to say yet if it is safe. A decade ago, I recall when some Dextroverse-forum members managed to acquire some MK-801. Human research resulted in a confusing amnesia that lasted for several days + bleeding from the ass. Almost perfect, hah.

The effect of Diphenidine lasts usually for around 4 hours orally in 100-200mg dosages. According to most reports, the dose response curve is very steep. 


2-Meo-Diphenidine (MXP, Methoxphenidine) was first reported in a 1989 patent where it was tested as a treatment for neurotoxic injury, though it possesses a lower affinity for the NMDA receptor than the related compound diphenidine (EP patent 0346791). In 2014, 2-Meo-Diphenidine entered the gray market with the MXP (Methoxphenidine) name.

2-Meo-Diphenidine's oral potency is reported to be greater and the duration longer than with Diphenidine. It is hardly water soluble. Eating a dose with a small amount of citric acid is the suggested ROA (route of administration). Re-dosing can be very dangerous because of the irregular dose/response curve. The come-up can be very slow (over 3 hours).

Street Names- "MK-ULTRA", "Black Manta", "Epiphany Powder", "Ephiph-Powder", "Epiph", "Edith Bunker".