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The Technomantic Uses of the Delete Key

Posted by Libertine in 2007


This is a ritual for the actual banishing of an entity instead of simply centering yourself.

1. *Note: this step is optional. Devise a banishing mantra - state your intent and remove the repeating letters - to chant; you might also want to make an accoustic sigil or some other type of sigil just to increase the odds of success.

2. State that hitting the delete key while chanting your mantra at the moment of gnosis will banish the entity. If you want, you can make a virtual effigy of the entity by making an image or sigil associated with it; some would call that sympathetic magick; but all magick is sympathetic when you look at it right; it's all based on a connection between your goal and will. *Note: if you have an image there is no need for a mantra or a sigil.

3. Start chanting and using whatever process you prefer to hit gnosis (I prefer the standard jerkoff method and tantric flame wars), never stop chanting (that or deleting a specific image helps focus your intent) and lastly hit the delete at the moment of gnosis. If you have an image all you have to do is delete it during gnosis; be sure to declare that doing so will fulfill your intent.


Here's a technomantic centering/banishing ritual that I based off of a Phil Hine ritual.

1. Find a picture of an oriental locale or city - it can be a Buddhist temple or a street in Tokyo - save it to your computer and bring it up when you're all set to do the ritual.

2. Clear your mind, visualize a beam of light coming out of the monitor (the color should correspond to your intent), entering, illuminating your body and passing up and down.

3. Next turn to your left and trace a symbol that corresponds to your intent (like I've said before you can use keyboard symbols as correspondences; & * ( ) etc.). Remember to breath in and out slowly and steadily.

3. Cross your arms across your chest and vizualize a glowing correspondence system coming out of the monitor and illuminating you.

4. Trace a pentragram with the mouse - or whatever you feel is correct (chaos star, a correspodence symbol etc.) - the color should correspond to your intent while you're doing say I - A - O.

5. Facing East, raise your arms and say:

"About me flare five-pointed stars,
Above my head, the Infinite Stars
Within my breast there flames a Star
Every Man, and every woman is a Star
Behold, A Circle of Stars."


1. Find a picture that relates to the target; such as a pic of an enemy or a picture related to an illness. *Note: can only be used to speed up the healing process; not to miraculously heal someone.

2. Declare that deleting the image during will either make your enemy miserable (whatever it is that you want to happen to him or her), heal you or someone else.

3. Use whatever method you prefer to reach gnosis and delete the image during gnosis. Banish with laughter.