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Creating and Using Charms, Talismans, Amulets or Object Strings in Chaos Magick

Published June 2, 2007 in Magick & Sorcery

Method 1:

Step 1. The simplest method is to devise a correspondence system based around small objects; an example is below.

Crystal = Success, wisdom and power.

Bloodstone or a red bead = pain and suffering.

A feather = Freedom.


Step 2. Combine a couple of objects that relate to your intent on a string and declare that the string of objects represents your will. Next devise an action or ritual (no a ritual isn’t always putting on robes and chanting in Latin) based around the objects that will performed during gnosis (like biting it) and declare that the action represents your intent and that performing the ritual during gnosis will fulfill your desire just as well as a normal sigil.

Step 3. Do the action, gesture or ritual and ignore any feelings of result lust. *Note: either keep the string or destroy; do what you feel is right.

Method 2:

Step 1. Devise a table, chart or system that converts letters of the alphabet to small objects such as beads and feathers; a complete example is below; feel free to create your own if this doesn’t feel right.

A = A blue bead.

B = A red bead.

C = A paper clip.

D = A pen cap.

E = An eraser head.

F = A copper wire.

G = A chicken feather or a pillow feather.

H = A plug from a fax wire.

I = A green bead or a piece of crystal.

J = A tooth.

K = A key taken out of a keyboard.

L = A small animal skull (like a lizard’s or a squirrel’s), any other kind of bone, a pink bead or fishing line.

M = A shoe string.

N = A piece of duck tape.

O = An orange bead

P = A small piece of plastic or a candy bar wrapper.

Q = A small piece of wood.

R = A quarter.

S = A penny.

T = A piece of cardboard.

U = A gray bead.

V = A black bead.

W = A white bead.

X = A brown bead.

Y = A yellow bead.

Z = A purple bead.

Step 2. State your intent, remove the repeating letters and translate them to parts by the table. Next string the objects together on a string, chords or line that has a color that corresponds to your intent. Lastly just to be sure state out loud that the collection represents your intent.

Step 3. Either hold the image of all the objects strung together in your mind during gnosis (just like a normal sigil) or devise an action centered around the collection (like biting it) to be performed during gnosis (state that the action performed during gnosis will full fill your intent just as well as a normal sigil).

Step 4. Perform either option in step 3.

*(Optional) Other alphabet tables:

All of these styles can apply to method 1.


One thing you can do if you want to give your magick a more primitive or shamanic feel is to design an alphabet based solely around beads, feathers, plants or natural growths and bones (like any other style shamanism and chaos magick are very compatible) an example is below.

A = A turquoise bead.

B = A chicken feather.

C = A lizard skull.

D = A blue bead.

E = An eagle feather.

F = Moss.

G = A small stick.

H = A green bead.

I = A red bead.

J = A chicken bone.

K = A gray bead.

L = A fish bone.

M = Bark.

N = A yellow bead.

O = A seashell.

P = A tooth.

Q = A tiny pouch of dirt.

R = Blade(s) of grass.

S = A pink bead.

T = A white bead.

U = A leaf.

V = A purple bead.

W = An orange bead.

X = Bloodstone.

Y = Quartz.

Z = Crystal or a plain rock.


What we’re going to be doing here is translating letters to pictures of fictional characters and objects having to do with fiction (a replica of a the one ring from LOTR for example) once done string them together with a colored cord that corresponds to your intent (it doesn’t matter if the pix have holes in them).

A = A LOTR one ring replica.

B = A picture of Serenity from the Firefly series.

C = A picture of Jesse Custer from the Preacher series.

D = A picture of Cassidy from the Preacher series.

E = A picture of Tulip form the Preacher series.

F = A dragon miniature from RPGs such as D&D.

G = A Minotaur miniature.

H = A wizard miniature.

I = A knight miniature.

J = A picture of Magneto.

K = A picture of Doctor Strange.

L = A picture of Mal from the Firefly series.

M = A picture of Zoey from the firefly series.

N = A barbarian miniature.

O = A Captain America Miniature.

P = A picture or miniature (if they make them) of a Shadowrun elf.

Q = A picture or miniature of a Shadowrun orc.

R = A picture or miniature of a Shadowrun mage.

S = A picture or miniature of a Shadowrun dwarf.

T = A picture of King Mob.

U = A warhammer miniature (I’d include more options but I’m not familiar with the game).

V = A picture of Tim Hunter.

W = A D&D dwarf miniature.

X = A picture of a Virtual Adept from MTA.

Y = A picture of any Harry Potter character or glasses similar to Harry’s or Tim’s (I’m including this for fans of the series; something that I’m not).

Z = A D&D elf miniature.


Basically parts and pictures having to do with technology and technomancy are substituted for letters.

A = An Internet cable plug.

B = Telephone cord.

C = A chip.


Another thing you can do is devise an alphabet based solely around measurements, colors, shapes and other symbols and apply them to beads, pieces of wood, bones or whatever you want and string them together.


A = Red

B = 3 inches

C = A circle or a ring