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Reflections on antinomianism and the left hand path

    By Neither

    Published on Winter Solstice, 2004 in Konton Magazine #1

    Going "against the law" of convention is a key aspect of the LHP. But one that has many levels of meaning, value, and subtlety to pending on ones position and circumstance, both on an internal level, and with dealing with the external world one seeks to cut away from.

    The main consideration is that ones breaking of a taboo causes one to sever or let go of that concern or conditioning, and not merely react to it. Rebellion is not removal. Merely reacting against something still leaves the external stimuli in control of your will. The act of breaking a taboo should be to gain a full understanding of a particular phenomena, and understanding that leaves one feeling that the matter is now inconsequential.

    For instance I'd much rather pee outside for some reason, but was always bothered by shitting out doors. A friend of mine and I were discussing this one day a few years back, and asked me what I going to do when the apocalypse came and I had no toilets. I agreed and the next day I went out and shit in a park. After I did so it wasn't a big deal. Not too much later on in the week I wanted to push the shit issue a little further and masturbated while sniffing a turd. At this point I'm not really bothered by shit at all. But the key is that I simply let go of any feelings towards it. I didn't freak out, or on the other side develop a shit fetish. Shit, a universally gross and taboo thing no longer affects me (other then when I have to).

    Also with the modern western LHP most tend to look at things from a Satanic view or at least heavily filtered through a Satanic lens (Setians, Typhonians, etc). Often this leads to mere reacting against what is perceived as dominate Judeo-Christian norms (as we can see with many metal and goth bands seeming to merely hate Jesus rather then seeking self-refinement and autonomy). While these norms are still in a position of power, their power is greatly compromised in the presence of consumer anti-culture which really holds the masses hearts and minds in sway. The western Pashu pray to consumerism with far more devotion they could even half heartedly muster for Christ or Yahweh any day.

    The spectacle is a major threat to an individual seeking to cultivate isolate, sovereign, autonomous consciousness. To begin to use pleasure and indulgence as a tool of self-empowerment one has to begin to cultivate a solid understanding of ones sexual identity and why things stimulate in the way they do. Media prays on sexual instinct and adds many layers of baggage and conditioning that takes a great deal of time to burn away.

    Antinomianism on this level may consist of a lady learning to be sexy with out shaving or wearing make-up, or in the other case fucking a lady who doesn't shave. It could consist of cultivating a pool of lovers outside of the work place, or singles bar, the two most common places those caught up in consumer anti-culture do so. It could consist of cultivating a sexual identity outside of concern for career or family, and ultimately all socio-biological concerns, leaving sex purely as fulfillment of individual consciousness expressed in and through bodies.

    Consumer antinomianism would be concerned with means of employment and survival which empower the individual while requiring to make that individual take as little as possible of concern with society as a whole. This could take the form of cultivating a marketable talent or product that pays the bills and stays in control of the individual as much as possible. It could take the form of learning to dumpster dive goods. Learning to fix and repair things instead of always rushing to buy new items when old ones get messed up. Anything that empowers the individual on a practical level and allows them a margin of autonomy, anything that keeps them out of nihilistic emptiness of the masses is key here.

    What is subversive in a world where the most extreme forms self-destructive over indulgence are common place? Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are socially acceptable to the point of being compulsory. What of really good sex with someone you actually love and respect, music that takes you to profound heights instead of (or even along with) bestial lows, and means of living that doesn't require chemical augmentation to cope with? If they gave Peter Sotos a TV station frat boys would sit around and cheer it on. The world would love a nation of GG Allin's brought to you by Nike™ and McDonald's™.

    How does one transgress and let go of these norms? How does one step outside of an age of waste and emptiness that offers no real sane, worth while, or meaningful point of reference? What if someone trims this all away and finds nothing emerges from with in themselves, and without all of it they are nothing? These are things you must consider.